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About Jan Ruscio, L.Ac


In 1997, I was looking to change careers, and came upon a book called, “Plant Spirit Medicine,” by Eliot Cowen, and it captivated me. In this book there are chapters on each of the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood and he describes how when these elements become out of balance, it leads to sickness and disease.

I studied Plant Spirit Medicine with a group of women in Vermont who were also doing shamanic work, and these women guided me towards the Five Element Acupuncture school in Boulder that was in it’s infancy. While attending this school in 1998 I was happy to discover that this form of acupuncture was very much in alignment with the holistic philosophies that I learned about while studying Plant Spirit Medicine in Vermont. I found it very fascinating that the Elements philosophy was recognized in some form in many ancient cultures, including pre-Socratic Greece, China, and India.

Through these studies I have developed the following belief systems:

  • Plants are beings that can communicate with us, and we can develop the sensitivity to listen to their subtle messages, of kindness, patience and freedom from ego.
  • Like the wisdom of other ancient cultures, indigenous people understand that we are part of nature, and that our perceived separation from nature is the root cause of our dis-ease.
  • By using the spirit of the plants to help with my acupuncture treatments, I can facilitate deeper healing on a soul level.
  • Using the plants in my area, make the treatments 1,000 times more effective, (according to master acupuncturist J.R. Worsley.)

My nearly three decades of yoga practice and twenty years practicing acupuncture has given me a depth and breadth of experience and an understanding of the needs of the whole person. My aspiration is to assist my patients with their awakening, transformation and growing consciousness, and to facilitate greater joy, grace, ease, and vitality in their lives.

Professional Qualifications

Studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Marlow Brooks

Studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Suzanne Burnell 2020

Studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Suzanne Burnell 2004

ITEA Acupuncture School
Graduated 2002

BA in Philosophy CSU

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